Polyethylene PE, Tecafine, Boralen, PEHD, PE300, PE500, PE1000

Polyethylene is well known in the polymer family and is often referred to as PE. It has an extremely low coefficient of friction, good chemical and corrosion resistance with excellent impact strength making it an extremely adaptive thermoplastic. Polyethylene is available in various grades, offering different properties.

Polyethylene sheets are characterized by high flexibility and excellent chemical resistance. They easily undergo mechanical processing, welding and welding. Special polypropylene plates are also available: UV stabilized, adapted for deep thermoforming, easily conductive and antistatic, flame retardant, non-slip and many others.

PE 300 (PE-HD)   – this is a partially crystalline thermoplastic material with very high chemical resistance and high resistance to dynamic loads. PE 300 sheets bond very well during the welding process. Molar mass: approx. 250,000 g / mol. A grade of polyethylene that is widely used as liners and tank housings
The plates are available in white or black.

PE 500 (PE-HMW)  – this is a material characterized by high chemical resistance and high resistance to dynamic loads. PE 500 is a material mainly used in the food industry, because it is approved for direct contact with food. It is used for the production of tops of cutting tables and slaughter blocks. The PE 500 plate has very good sliding properties.
Molar mass: approx. 500,000 g / mol.
The plates are available in the colors: white, black and green.

PE 1000 (PE-UHMW)  – this is a material characterized by very high abrasion resistance, good vibration damping and chemical resistance. PE 1000 is approved for direct contact with food. PE 1000 is used in the food, paper and machine industry. The PE 1000 board has very good sliding properties . Does not scratch the surface of objects with which it comes in direct contact. It is used in the production of: guides, worms, sliding strips, chute liners and chain tensioners. Molar mass: from 4,400,000 to 9,200,000 g / mol.
Plates available in colors: green, black.

PE-1000 Regenerate  – it is a material with similar properties to PE 1000 sheets produced with the addition of regenerate.
The plates are available in black and green

  • Good toughness and flexibility
  • Low heat resistance
  • High impact resistance
  • Low moisture absorption
  • Good resistance to chemical cracking
  • Low friction coefficient
  • Adaptive thermoplastic
  • Light weight