POLYMETHYL METHACRYLATE-PMMA (ACRYLIC) is an amorphous thermoplastic which is optically transparent, acrylic is unaffected by moisture, and offers an excellent strength-to-weight ratio.
Clear Acrylic Sheet is one of the most commonly used and versatile plastic sheeting materials in the world today.
Acrylic Sheets are strong, lightweight, glass-like plastic with excellent outdoor weatherability and optical clarity. Seventeen times stronger than glass, at half the weight, clear acrylic sheets are a safer option as there is less change of breakage. Not only is acrylic sheet a sound, durable option, it is also 100% recyclable. Acrylic Sheets offer unrivalled versatility and is easy to fabricate, glue and bend without the need for specialised tooling. BURÇMETAL offers acrylic products in transparent, color and tones to its customers.
Acrylic also offers excellent resistance to ultraviolet radiation and weathering. It can be coloured, moulded, cut, drilled, and formed.
There are two basic types of Acrylic Sheets and the manufacturing process result in products with differences in properties and performance. Cast Acrylic Sheets & Extruded Acrylic Sheets.
Cell Cast Acrylic Sheets have exceptionally high quality with excellent technical properties and high strength. Easy to handle, machine and fabricate, with greater mechanical properties is preferred for machining.
Extruded Acrylic Sheets have improved vacuum formability and is ideal for applications where complex shapes are required. Extruded acrylic is the material choice for sign and display applications due to its ease of working.
Acrylic products are supplied in standard stock shapes for machining and fabricating. Its optical clarity means it is often used as a substitute for glass, PMMA acrylic is more flexible, lighter and stronger than glass whilst still having good chemical resistance and weathering properties.
It should be noted that acrylic has poor resistance to solvents and can be subject to stress cracking.

  • Acrylic rod
  • Acrylic sheet (extruded or cast)
  • Acrylic tube
  • Acrylic square bar